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Rasteau Vin Doux Naturel

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In 1934, wine makers in Rasteau experimented in making fortified wines. Results were good so production expanded and 10 years later, the Rasteau Vin Doux Naturel AOC was granted (decree of the 5th January 1944, its effectiveness backdated to 1943) which was to later be superseded and replaced by the decree of the 18th May 1972. There are now three types of VDN made in the Rasteau appellation: red, doré and the rare but exquisite Rasteau Rancio, a madeirized wine.

The vineyards of Rasteau straddle the communes of Rasteau (mainly), Cairanne and Sablet having just twenty parcels of land altogether. Soils are similar to those of the Rasteau Villages appellation: brown calcerous soils, poor marly soils and red-earthed clay-based terrain. The main exposures are southern, offering a high level of grape maturity to the vines. The climate is typically Mediterranean, characterised by heat and sun (Rasteau is the hottest village in the Southern Rhône), which lends the region to the production of fortified wines.

The area under cultivation for Rasteau VDN is 33 hectares giving a yearly production of 1300 hl with a basic yield of 30 hl/ha. The blend is straightforward: Grenache noir must represent at least 90%; the remaining 10% is made up with grape varieties accepted within the Côtes du Rhône appellation. In practice, the wines are usually pure Grenache or blended with just a little Syrah. Minimum alcoholic strength: production rules comply with legislation for other fortified wines. Mutage must be carried out with neutral alcohol having an alcohol titration of at least 95% proof, in a proportion of 5% minimum to 10% maximum. The minimum proof (acquired alcohol and fermentation alcohol) must be 21.5% in volume with a minimum of 15% acquired alcohol. The minimum sugar content in the must is set at 252 grams/litre.

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