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2016 Domaine Joblot Givry Premier Cru 'Empreintes'
Single Bottles (75cl) @ £36.00
Cases (12 bottles) @ £432.00
Cases IN BOND(12 bottles) @ £318.00
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Tasting Notes:
A blend of all four of Joblot's Premier cru wines from the gorgeous 2016 vintage - the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts! This is quite flamboyant now but needs time to complete the blending together process when it will be as good as many top wines from the Cote d'Or costing three times as much. A stunner.

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Drinking Dates:
2020 to 2030+
100% Pinot Noir
Aged in Allier oak barrels (2/3 new) from tonnelliere Francois Freres for 14 months, followed by four months in bottle prior to release.
Critic Reviews:
'Wow, the energy and vivacity of this wine’s nose are enthralling! It amply demonstrates the beauty, power and total delicious pleasure-value that young Pinot Noir can explode with... There is a huge abundance of fruit on the nose. Not exactly like the fruit from most Cote d’Or wines, but delicious, nonetheless. It is slightly brambly and blackberry-like... That muy expensivo oak treatment does show on the nose, there is a nice oaky-spiciness there. Yet it is a Burgundian quality of class and style that the oak is not overbearing and it is just a subtle seasoning in the complex melange of the nose... It so much fun, it is so involute with intriguing, besotting aromas, it is so bloody good! If you need a young Burgundian Pinot to blow your socks off with pure quality that is not expensive as diamonds, then you want to be heading to The Big Red Wine Company’s website now... that is exceptionally high-quality young Joblot, really exceptionally high-quality young Burgundy. The tannins as reassuring in their solidity if you are planning to age this, but right now they give it a structure that pulses with life and an awful lot of fun! The acidic edge also helps maintain the impressively vivacious character to the structure. It is not something that makes you think it’ll burn a hole right through your guts in 15 years, though; perfect, perfect balance!

The structure is gloriously giving now and will ease it through a long life. So will the abundant fruit. Again, it seems a bit more brambly than Cote d’Or wines usually seem to be, but it is no distant outlier in terms of Pinot fruit. It is lovely, energetic, hugely enjoyable fruit that will last and last when it ages.

Yes, I know quality Pinots of this calibre usually shut down for several years (you’ve got maybe up to a year to commit infanticide with this spritely, confident number, though), but that fruit will always remain and blossom when it begins to reach maturity and give it a viscerally pleasurable character later in life.

The lovely spice of the oak is detectable when I chew it around. It does not overwhelm the fruit or dominate the structure of this wine that is very finely balanced for a wine of such joyous fun-value. On the finish there is the character I appreciate more and more from Pinot wines, be they red or fizzy, the crisp savoury grip on the finish that is a consequence of being grown in limestone vineyards. Must be because I am now a confirmed Hampshire piggy…

That savoury character spins a complex and long finish with the fruit also vying for attention. This is undoubtedly a fabulous wine. I do not always mention where I procure my bottles from, but I was asked to in this case and I am very happy to do so. This is a great wine at a highly reasonable price, and whether you want a fun, fine young Burgundy to enjoy now, or one to put away for 10-15 years I cannot recommend a better bargain or (since I missed the en primeur tastings because I was a bit on the hatstand-side of the sanity spectrum) many more simply better 2016 Burgundies than this at all – I just have not tried many things at this point. This is definitely a ‘buy as a matter of aesthetic urgency’-wine.

Whatever the reason Domain Joblot decided to blend a proportion of their Premier Crus, it is an undoubted success – the wine is deeply lovely. I admit I also missed out on tasting the 2015 Joblot wines, that should have been great successes, but I do not think I have ever had a bottle of Joblot that I have thought as qualitatively good or simply as hugely enjoyable as this' (

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